Here is a list of our voting records, every rule needs 75% of members supporting to consider it "passed." The publisher or the Head editor can make decisions at any time without consent, that can be listed here, but does not have to be.

A note: Neutrals do not count when dealing with promotions and demotions.

Title Date decided (EST)  % Supporting Neutralising Opposing Not voting Result
Accepting the News Team policy and creation 11/07/2016 100% 4 0 0 0 Passed!
Motion to allow Nicko756 to return to the News Team 02/20/2017 100% 4 (Brick, Auron, 456, Dan) 2 (Alex, Zeo) 0 3 (Qwerty, Jack, CBB) Nicko has been re-instated as a head editor
Allowing Fanon 12/09/2016 100% 8 0 0 0 Passed
SonicTheEpic For News Team 03/03/2017 5 0 0 3 62.5% TheOneFootTallBrickWall promoted STE as a member.
Spongebob456 for head editor 03/22/2017 100% 2 (Brick, Dan) 1 (Alex) 0 TBA TBA

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