News teamEdit

  • A. Introduction
  • 1. The ESB News Team is a group of users who create publications for the events of the SpongeBobia network.
  • B. Application process
  • 1. To join you can fill out an application found by asking Brick.
  • 2. Members participating in the News team, will then vote. For an application to pass 70% must approve of the user joining.
  • 3. The user will then be invited to our Skype group, where they will be assigned a role. They will also get a profile tag!
  • C. Special roles
  • 1. Special roles are assigned to one person, usually to news team administration roles.
  • 2. The Head Editor has final say in any discussion by the news team, as well as the right to promote and demote users of the news team at will. The head editors are ZeoSpark and Nicko756.
  • 3. The publisher is the one who publishes the publications, as well as the ability to promote and demote users at will. They also can make sections, and declare sections as obsolete. They also can make new roles and take out roles, and move users to new roles at anytime. The publisher is TheOneFootTallBrickWall.
  • D. Roles
  • 1. The roles of the news team are:
  • a. Checkers
  • b. Editors
  • c. Technical helpers
  • d. Substitutes
  • E. Demotion process
  • 1. A demotion is when an editor is demoted from their position(s) on the News Team.
  • 2. To demote any user a 75% consensus of ESB news team members is needed.
  • 3. A demoted member can not be added back to the News Team until six (6) months have passed since his/her demotion, unless over-ruled by 80% of members.
  • 4. A immediate demotion does not need a consensus. The Head Editor/publisher can dismiss someone if they feel necessary.
  • 5. Immediate demotions are things such as:
  • a. Leaking stories before they are published
  • b. Blocked on ESB
  • c. Inactivity
  • d. Breaking ESB policies
  • F. Sections
  • 1. We have a few start-up sections, but with time more will be added.
  • 2. User right changes: this documents new requests and recent changes.
  • 3. Open discussions: Every week a post will document proposals opened during the week.
  • 4. Closed discussions: Every week a post will document proposals closed during the week.
  • 5. User/Article of the Month: Once a month we will include a section for the User of the Month and the Article of the Month.
  • 6. News about the show: Current news around the series!
  • 7. Editorials: An opinion based article.
  • G. Publications
  • 1. We will release a publication every week, but we have different sets of issues.
  • 2. Weekly: Open/Closed discussions
  • 3. Bi-Weekly: Open/closed discussions, editorials, user rights changes, current news.
  • 4. Monthly (First week of the month): Open/closed discussions, editorials, user rights changes, current news, User/Article of the Month.

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