Feedback for ESB news team

This is a copy of the feedback form. I would like to see what others have to say and or add to what I have already put. Also for my own refrence.

What are we doing right? What are some good things that the ESB News is doing? *
It is a good concept but one that is still in its infancy.

What can we improve with the News, content wise? *
add more sections. Maybe have a fun pole on each issue, or a featured YouTube video, did you know? section ect. more things to keep the audience engaged. I believe people are becoming board and somewhat frustrated with the lack of content.

What can we improve with our members? *
Improve communication between news team and the general public.

Do you have any section ideas? (e.g. User right changes, open/closed proposals, etc...) If none, say No, or N/A *
We need a better way of informing people of new proposals the way it is set up now discussions are passing because nobody knows about them. recently a skype proposal passed that caused a huge argument because nobody knew about it.

We need to bring back highlights but just manage them better so we dont have 15 of them.

Do you have any questions? *
(since there is no "additional comments" spot i will place that here)
Town hall
we need an open to the public way of doing the town hall things not doing it via a form like this since people cannot discuss it as a group.
I would be opened to either using the discussions board on the news wiki or opening a forum specifically for this. The chat room also accomplishes this.

Town hall hosts
it has come to my attention there have been several times where Brick has not shown up for meetings, we need to have a back up host for them.

I do not like the idea of a form since it is more isolated than a meeting. There is no way of getting input from others.

If you would like to discuss these matters in the ESB News Team skype please discuss it there so we can get input from others.